Using Buprenorphine To Get Off Methadone

buprenorphineBuprenorphine is an opioid like morphine but its effects are not as strong and for that reason it is denoted as a partial-agonist opioid. Buprenorphine therapy has become one of the most promising treatments for Methadone addiction and whether you’re trying to get off Methadone for the first time or you’re ready to try it again – buprenorphine therapy can help.

Buprenorphine acts on the same brain structures and processes as Methadone, but with protective or normalizing effects. This enables buprenorphine to reverse the effects of Methadone Abstinence Syndrome but without intoxicating the patient. Buprenorphine has become the common protocol medication for the treatment of Methadone addiction. Few treatments are as immediately rewarding to doctors and patients. Buprenorphine therapy is literally a life-saving treatment because it holds great promise for the medical profession and great hope for those afflicted with Methadone addiction.

Buprenorphine is possibly the most effective pharmacotherapy used today to help Methadone addicts get off Methadone. Buprenorphine is similar to Methadone in that it activates the same opioid receptors in the brain but buprenorphine does so without intoxicating the patient. Buprenorphine reduces unpleasant withdrawal symptoms and diffuses drug cravings.

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