Suboxone Doctors Arrested

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“Doctors who enable addicts betray their profession,”
– Nick DiGiulio.

United States Attorney Zane David Memeger, and Drug Enforcement Administration Special Agent-in-Charge Nick DiGuilio indicted Dr. Alan Summers for running a pill-mill. Dr. Summers of Pennsylvania sold prescriptions of Suboxone to known dealers and drug addicts in exchange for cash payments.

The Suboxone ring operated under the name NASAPT – the National Association for Substance Abuse, Prevention & Treatment. Doctors like Summers who pretend to help patients with opioid addictions, but instead sell addictive prescription drugs like Suboxone for cash have lost their way. The conspiracy sold over $5 million in pills, while getting their clients addicted to them.

Every month, approximately 1,000 patients came to Dr. Summer’s pill-mill looking for Suboxone.

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