Recreational Activities


Clear Treatment provides clients with the opportunity to participate in planned recreational activities. An exception to this policy shall exclude all men and women in their first 7-days of detox. Detoxification clients in their first 7-days shall be excluded from participating in off-campus recreational activities, with the exception of clothes shopping, if it’s necessary for a client to be present for a particular purchase, such as shoes, pants, shirt, dress, blouse, pajamas, etc…

In furtherance of this policy the following recreational activities are duly authorized activities;

Sanctioned Activities

  • Yoga (on facility)
  • Stand Up Comedy Night (on facility)
  • Walks (to and from 12-Step meetings, 99 Cent Store, Fairview Park)
  • Farmer’s Market (Thursday – teamwork, nutrition, purchasing, buying for a group)
  • Library (Airplane Park)
  • Shopping (99 Cent, Walmart, Target, Michaels, etc…)
  • Zoo (Orange County)
  • Park (Fairview Park)
  • Museum (J Paul Getty)
  • Beach (Huntington Beach – not to include swimming)
  • Movies (Tuesday or Wednesday matinees “Triangle Square” – non-drug movies)
  • Sporting Events – Sundays Only