Quality Care


The quality and attention you deserve

Clear Treatment has a meticulous quality control program that pays close attention to details so you always receive excellent treatment. We continuously strive to improve client services, which is why we constantly monitor the three fundamental elements of addiction treatment services: process, structure, and outcome.

1. Process concerns the various phases of treatment. Process is predicated on having the right people at the right time doing the correct task in the correct way.

2. Structure is represented by the basic characteristics of our stakeholders and facilities. We have well-educated, well-trained treatment professionals, as well as well-maintained records and good methods of communication.

3. The third dimension, outcome, reflects the end results of withdrawal treatment services. We constantly monitor the outcomes of our detox programs. If we find a better way to do something we adapt and implement the new method and measure the new outcome. In addition, we also help families find appropriate post-detoxification treatment services so your loved one can get the best treatment at the best rehab center for the best value.