Group Therapy


Group Sessions: A face-to-face discussion, between at least one counselor and two or more clients focusing on the needs of the clients.

Group Leader: The counselor in charge of the session and the counselor who shall write the respective progress notes in the client file.



  • Clients must be cleared by the LVN before initially participating in group sessions
  • Orientation shall be completed prior to admission into group sessions.
  • Clients shall not be under the influence of alcohol or illicit drug/s
  • Clients should expect to be drug screened every time a group session is conducted
  • Clients are expected to arrive on time to all group sessions
  • Clients should be in attendance to all scheduled group sessions unless cleared by the Clinical Director or LVN.
  • All group sessions shall be at least 60-minutes in duration.
  • A group leader is appointed by the Clinical Director for each group session.



  • Attendance is taken at the start of each session by the group leader
  • All group members are asked to express three feelings and what they are working on today.
  • Scheduled and completed assignments are read aloud to all group members.
  • Group leader may choose a topic and then asks the group, “Who would like to start?”
  • If nobody volunteers the group leader will choose a group member to begin the session.
  • Assignments are handed out at the end of each session with the expected completion date of one week ahead expressed by the group leader and acknowledged by the client.
  • At the end of 60 minutes the group session is dismissed by the group leader
  • Group leader delivers attendance sheet to Clinical Director’s inbox