Frequently Asked Questions

What Should I Bring?
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Can I just go to detox?
Answer: YES – in fact most people come here just to attend our detoxification program
Do you accept Insurance?
Answer: YES – but not Medi-Cal
Do you accept credit cards?
Answer: YES, Visa and Master Card only
Will I have my own room?
Answer: NO, all rooms are multiple occupancy
How long is the detoxification program?
Answer: On average 7-10 days
How long is the treatment program?
Answer: 30-days or less.
Can I use my cell phone?
Answer: NO, but you can make phone calls, on the facility phone, after you complete detox, on a once weekly basis for 15-minutes per call, with staff supervision.
Can I bring my notebook computer?
Answer: NO, in fact no electronics whatsoever.
How much money should I bring?
Answer: NO more than $100.00
Can I bring my car?
Answer: YES, but we prefer you get a ride from family or friends. You will not be able to use your car.
Do I have to go to AA or NA meetings?
Answer: We encourage you to go, but it is not required.
Can I go to Church, Temple, Ashram….?
Answer: Yes, we encourage it.