Education Seminars


Educational Sessions: A counselor, therapist, physician or specialist in a particular field who delivers a lecture on a particular subject, such as Infectious Diseases (HIV, Hepatitis C, STD’s), Smoking, Teenage Pregnancy, etc… The aim of educational seminars are to affect critical life and social skills, including decision-making, refusal skills, critical analysis and systematic judgment abilities.



  • Clients are expected to arrive on time to all educational sessions
  • Clients should expect to be drug screened every time an education session is conducted.
  • Clients are expected to be in attendance to all scheduled education sessions unless cleared by the Operations Manager.



  • Attendance is taken at the start of each education session by staff leader
  • Scheduled and completed assignments are handed in to the staff leader
  • Education seminar begins~
  • At the end of 60 minutes the education session is ended and clients dismissed by the staff leader
  • Staff leader delivers attendance sheet to Clinical Director’s inbox