Can Opiates Affect Your Sperm

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Chronic opiate use inhibits the pituitary gland from releasing luteinizing hormone (LH) into the circulatory system. LH is needed to produce testosterone and sperm. Consequently, less LH ultimately results in a lower sperm count.

There is additional scientific evidence that indicates opiates may fragment the DNA within sperm. DNA fragmentation occurs when there is an alteration in one or both of the DNA strands. A high level of DNA fragmentation may cause male infertility leading to lower fertilization rates and/or miscarriage.

Can Heroin Affect Your Sex Life?


Scientific Study:

142 male opiate addicts (Group 1) and 146 healthy age males (Group 2- control group)
Testing for sperm concentration, and sperm DNA integrity.


Sperm Concentration

Group 1 sperm concentration was 22.2 million sperm per ml and Group 2 was 66.3 million sperm per ml.

DNA Fragmentation

Group 1 showed approximately 34% DNA fragmentation as compared to approximately 27% DNA fragmentation for Group 2.


Whose sperm is longer?


The long and short of it is, the Honey Possum has the longer sperm. The Honey Possum is Master of the marsupial sperm, and the Chinese hamster is Ruler of the rodent sperm. These two tiny creatures have some of the largest mammalian sperm you can find. In general, mammals have an inverse sperm-length body-mass relationship, which is most true for the largest of the mammalians but not as true for the smallest. Most of the exceptions to this rule are small mammals with small sperm. There are no known cases of large mammals with large sperm.


Who has the longest sperm?

The longest sperm comes from the fruit fly. The sperm of a fruit fly can be as long as 2 – 2.4 inches. On the other hand, human sperm is one of the smallest, measuring only 40 microns long. So fruit fly sperm is about 1,000 times longer than human sperm.


How much sperm is too much sperm?

The volume and content of the ejaculate depends mostly upon the length of time between ejaculations. The average volume of semen is 2.75 mililiters(ml), ranging from 2-5 ml, the higher volumes follow periods of abstinence. An average human ejaculation contains about 180 million sperm (66 million/ml), but sometimes it contains as many as 400 million sperm.