Can Heroin Withdrawal Kill You?

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How You Can Die From Heroin Withdrawal

Heroin withdrawal has the “potential” to kill you, but it is extremely rare. For the most part, heroin withdrawal is difficult, but not life threatening. Especially if the individual in question is in good health.



Stimulants are chemical substances that affect the nervous system by stimulating it. They include substances, such as cocaine, methamphetamine, Adderal, Ritalin and more. Stimulant use during heroin detoxification may complicate the clinical picture because they exacerbate withdrawal. The primary aftereffects of acute heroin withdrawal include increased heart rate and higher blood pressure. The potential hazard of stimulant use during heroin detoxification are seizures, which may be fatal.


There are always medical anomalies, and epilepsy may complicate the clinical picture, because stress can trigger an epileptic seizure, and withdrawal is stressful. In fact, just about any stressful stimuli has the potential to trigger an epileptic seizure. Take insomnia, which is a common heroin withdrawal symptom. It is well known that insomnia is a trigger for epileptic seizures, which can kill you.



Vomiting and diarrhea are common symptoms of heroin withdrawal and both dehydrate and weaken the body. These symptoms may complicate the clinical picture for illnesses, such as the flu, asthma or pneumonia. In addition, vomitus may enter the lungs, which may cause a lung infection, which can kill you.


Other Dangers Of Heroin Withdrawal

After heroin detox is over, a person’s tolerance has dropped. Now he can overdose on a much smaller dose than he was used to taking. He no longer knows, with any certainty, what dose is safe, and experience tells us that even a tiny overdose can be fatal.



If heroin detoxification protocols are done correctly, heroin detox is actually very safe.

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